Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I find my raid?

You need a direct link. Please ask your raid leader for a direct link to the Soft Reserve page. We do not have a search function.

How many items can I Soft Reserve?

WOWPUG support up to 3 x SR. However, the raid leader set the rules/settings for his PUG. Most PUGs run with 1 or 2 Soft Reserves. Please contact the raid leader.

Can I Soft Reserve the same item twice?

Yes, we offer that functionality. The raid leader can enable/disable that function.
Please ask your raid leader, if you are allowed to reserve the same item twice.

Can I change my soft reserved item(s)?

Yes. Just click the same button to soft reserve your new item(s). The system will automatically replace the old items with the new ones.

How can I soft reserve my items?

Please ask your raid leader for a direct link. Then just click the Reserve Item(s) button.