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Soft Reserve Management for WoW Classic

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WOWpug makes it very easy to manage PUG's in World of Warcraft Classic. We support up to 3x Soft Reserve (SR) and +1 (optional). You can even Hard Reserve items if you wish.

  • All Raids available, if released by Blizzard.
  • 400+ items ready to be Soft (and hard) reserved.
  • Lock a PUG for changes (SR) at raid start.
  • No signup required to reserve items.

Made for Players by Players

No signup required

No signups required for raid members to Soft Reserve (SR) items. They just click the link to your PUG and then select what items they want to reserve. It's that simple!

Easy to use

We have made WOWPUG as simple to use as possible, both for Raid Leaders and Players. You are more than welcome to contact us with suggestions for improvements and new features.

Lots of items

All raids and items currently available is selectable.

Watch our short Introduction video

WOWPUG intro video